Two Brands:  

Green Pin logo In the 1970’s, the trade name Green Pin® was launched to emphasize product quality, recognition and demand worldwide. Our Green Pin® shackles are manufactured in our production unit in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. It is a genuine “Made in Holland” product.
Currently, not only shackles are sold under the name Green Pin®, but also other items, such as sockets, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, loadbinders, etc. Please see our Green Pin® catalogue for the complete program.

A genuine Green Pin® shackle can be identified by the green coloured pin and the marking on the shackle body and pin. Green Pin® and the colour green applied to the pin are both registered trade marks of Van Beest. The original Green Pin® shackles are marked with for instance:


This stands for:
WLL 25T      =   Working Load Limit of 25 metric tons;
GP or Bs     =   manufacturer's symbol;
K     =   traceability code; 
6     =   steel grade;
CE     =   "Conformité Européen".
Excel logo In 2007 Van Beest acquired the brand EXCEL®. Under this brand grade 8 and grade 10 lifting hooks are produced in our French factory. The EXCEL® range of chain accessories is very complete. Everything you need to make a chain assembly is in the program. From the master link to the hook, whether this should be an eye-, swivel-, or clevis hook. And not only in grade 8, but almost every product can also be supplied in grade 10 or stainless steel. Please see our EXCEL® catalogue for the complete program.